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7 Tips for Using the Internet To Help You Sell Your House Fast in Austin, Texas (Infographic)

Sell your austin home quickly90% of home buyers search the Internet before looking for a house.  Therefore, if you’re looking to sell a home quickly in Austin, Texas, then you should know the different types of media to use and the multiple sites online to post.

The infographic below will provide some great tips for those seeking to sell their property online.

7 Tips for Using the Internet To Help You Sell Real Estate Quickly

Tips for selling a home online

More Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

Sometimes, even using the tips above aren’t enough to get your house sold.  There are many circumstances that can prevent your home from selling.  Discussing your options with a real estate professional could provide you with some great assistance.

Realtors are experienced real estate professionals that will understand the proper value of a home and should have a list of motivated buyers.  However, Realtors use only one strategy to sell a house, which is to list at market price and find buyers who qualify for traditional financing.

While traditionally effective, this method isn’t always the best solution for you.

If you require a quick sale, then relying on conventional financing will not work as you’re looking at a minimum of 60 days after contracts are signed for funding to occur, and that’s if everything goes perfectly.

Also, what if the home requires repairs and you don’t have the money to make the repairs?  This can negatively affect the ability of the buyer to achieve financing on the home, which decreases your ability to sell.

Or maybe the house is in great shape but has no equity and by the time all the closing costs are divvied, you’d have to pay $10k out of pocket to sell your house.  What if you can’t afford that?  Sadly, many in this situation let their house go to foreclosure instead, which is a ‘loss’ for the seller, the buyer and  the neighborhood as a whole.

The Hippie Hollow Homes Solutions To Selling Real Estate Fast

At Hippie Hollow Homes, we use a dozen different real estate strategies to buy and sell houses.  These adaptable strategies will assist anyone, no matter the situation or the economy, to sell your house in a manner that best fits your unique needs.

Since 2004, Hippie Hollow Homes has participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions totalling more than $200,000,000.  There is very little in real estate that we have not successfully experienced.

No matter your situation or your needs, we can help…. unless you don’t contact us today.






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