When Is A Short Sale The Best Option?

short sale

One of the realities of borrowing money to purchase a home that people often forget is that it is a financial risk. Even the most cautious and responsible of home buyers can potentially find themselves in a difficult situation due to a layoff or expenses related to a serious medical problem. For buyers who are […] Read more »

These Tips Can Help You Sell a House Quickly

Tips for Selling a House Quickly

The thought of trying to sell a home in today’s slow real estate market can strike fear in the hearts of homeowners. You may have visions of your home sitting on the market month after month with no leads. If you must move before the house sells, the resulting financial hit of paying multiple mortgages […] Read more »

Is it possible to avoid foreclosure with home mortgage short sale?

When you enter a foreclosure process then you’ll be no longer eligible to make payment on your mortgage. Your property will be repossessed by the creditors and the credit report will be blemished for 10 years. Therefore, you can do a short sale in order to stop foreclosure. Short sale is a process through which […] Read more »