Foreclosures Are Not the Answer in Austin, Texas

Regardless of your situation, letting your house go to foreclosure is NOT a good solution. The video below by Hippie Hollow Homes owner Shenoah Grove details why foreclosures are not a good option for home owners in Austin, Texas. Foreclosure is an ‘atomic bomb’ to credit scores; it cuts the deepest and its negative impact lasts the […] Read more »

Austin Real Estate Market Update Infographic October 2012

Austin sell my house fast

In October 2012, the Austin, Texas real estate market had its biggest year-over-year increase in the volume of single-family home sales since November 2009, according to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) report released today by the Austin Board of REALTORS®. Below is an infographic that details how the Austin Real Estate Market is doing: Americans […] Read more »

Take The Frustration Out Of Selling Real Estate | Tips on How to Sell My Home Fast In Austin, Texas, The Easy Way

sell your house fast

If you happen to own a house, it very likely makes up a large chunk of your overall net worth. Therefore, when you do decide to sell my home fast, you want to make sure you’re getting the most money out of it. You will find the process to be less frustrating and less overwhelming, […] Read more »

What Homeowners Can Do To Help You Sell Your House Fast In Austin, Texas

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To sell your house in this economy, you have to do more than just put a sign up and wait. Now, there is a ton of reading material out there available for folks looking to sell their house in Austin, Texas, but you better believe that some of it isn’t worth the paper printed on […] Read more »

Austin Foreclosure Rate Continues To Drop

Austin Foreclosure Rate Dropping

Further proof that the Austin, Texas economy is in better shape than the rest of the country’s can be found in the fact that, according to the Austin Business Journal, the Austin foreclosure rate continues to drop.  Here’s a brief snippet of the report: Among outstanding mortgages 1.03 percent of them were in some stage […] Read more »

Austin Home Prices Rose 6.5% in April

Good news for home owners in Austin, Texas.  According to CoreLogic, between April 2012 and and the same month last year, Austin home prices rose 6.5 % in April compared with 1.1 percent nationally. According the the Austin Business Journal, statewide, Texas posted 2.4 percent increases in home prices for the 12 months ending in […] Read more »

You Can Still Sell Your House in Austin, Texas

Sell your house in Austin, Texas

Despite the problems with the rest of the country, you can still sell your house in Austin, Texas By sidestepping the national real estate bubble that has particularly decimated the once thriving economies in the south west part of this country, the Austin housing market served as a stabilizing force for the Central Texas economy. […] Read more »

Austin Home Prices Expected to Rise in 2012

Austin Home Prices

Case Shiller Home Price Index Predicts Austin Home Prices Expected to Rise in 2012 Despite the recent study that shows that Austin metro area home prices fell by 2.3 percent in 2011, the fact that Austin home prices expected to rise in 2012 is welcomed news. Austin Home prices will see a growth of 0.6 percent […] Read more »

Austin Home Prices Continue to Increase

Austin Home Prices Continue to Increase

Austin Home Prices Continue To Increase Despite National Slump Nationally, average home prices continue trending downwards, falling 4.4% in August 2011 as compared to August 2010. Some cities, like Atlanta, GA., saw even greater declines. of over 7%. But here is Austin, things are much brighter, and it’s not just because we can’t get any […] Read more »