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Why Short Sales Are Better Than Foreclosures

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When a lender agrees to accept less than the total amount due on a property, they are agreeing to a short sale. The bank takes a discount on the on the original mortgage note in order for the property to be sold. This process can take a long time since negotiation is needed to agree on […] Read more »

When Is A Short Sale The Best Option?

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One of the realities of borrowing money to purchase a home that people often forget is that it is a financial risk. Even the most cautious and responsible of home buyers can potentially find themselves in a difficult situation due to a layoff or expenses related to a serious medical problem. For buyers who are […] Read more »

Can I do A Short Sale Myself?

Can a Homeowner Negotiate a Short Sale Themselves? The answer is ‘yes’ a homeowner can negotiate a short sale themselves.  The better question is can a homeowner negotiate a ‘successful’ short sale themselves?  That answer would probably be ‘no’. Most successful short sales, where a bank agrees to reduce, or ‘short’, the existing mortgage note […] Read more »