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Austin Tops Another List of America’s Best Cities!

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Is Austin the Best City in the US?

Austin consistently appears on the list of best-cities to live in. One week the city appears on the Forbes list of best big cities when it comes to jobs. The next week, it shows up second on a list of best investment markets in the country. It’s no wonder that approximately 150 people move to Austin on a daily basis, making it the third-fastest-growing city in America. This is just the beginning of what makes this place so amazing. Austin has been named one of the best cities for shopping, vegetarian lovers and business and careers alike. The list goes on and on, making Austin Real Estate in high demand.

College graduates flock to Austin as it has only six percent unemployment, interesting neighborhoods and a low cost of living. The city holds the title for the South’s small-business crown for the third year in a row..Technology start ups are so abundant, ranks Austin the number two hot spot for this industry. That doesn’t mean this city is only for the young. CBS Moneywatch lists Austin as a great place to retire.

Singles looking for a mate are likely to find one after moving to the city. It’s one of the top five on the list of U.S. cities to find a date. This may be due in part to the fact that residents take care of themselves. MapMyFitness Inc. ranks Austin number nine on its list of the fittest large cities in the country.

How is the environment fairing with the influx of residents? The EPA ranks this city eighth in green power while the list that ranks the United States greenest cities puts it at number 17, tied with cities such as Washington, D.C., Dallas and Tuscon. This may be one reason why residents are less stressed than in other areas of the country. Austin comes in at number 38 on the list of BestPlaces 2012 complied by Sperling. Life doesn’t rush by when you live here. You actually have the time to enjoy it when you purchase Austin Real Estate.

Austin isn’t perfect though. Commuting takes more time here than in other parts of the country with residents spending, on average, 30 hours each year sitting in traffic and the social scene lacks in some areas. Mass transit hasn’t been a priority for the city and residents tend to put off paying taxes until two weeks before the filing deadline. (Who doesn’t understand that?) If you are looking to relocate, place Austin at the top of your list of places to check out. Once you visit the city, you are sure to fall in love.

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