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4 Tips to Sell Your Austin House Without A Realtor

Selling Austin Home Without Realtor

Selling an Austin Home without a realtor or real estate professional is difficult to do.  The NAR estimates that nearly 70 percent of all for-sale-by-owner sellers eventually hire a professional agent for help.  Of the remaining 30%, only about half pull it out. Selling real estate is simple in concept but more complicated in execution.  […] Read more »

Austin, Texas Real Estate Market Update for September 2013

austin real estate market

How Did the Austin Real Estate Market Perform in September 2013? Watch the video below for more information. View Shenoah Grove’s Market Videos What does the future hold for the Austin Real Estate Market? Though the outlook is obviously bullish, the nuances can be tricky. While no one claims to have a crystal ball, the […] Read more »

Need to Sell a house in Austin Texas?

sell my house fast

In today’s housing market most people don’t realize that it is still possible to sell a house quickly. Even in places like Austin, Texas, where the housing market tends to be a little slow, it can actually be easy to quickly sell your home as long as you properly market it. This means that you are going […] Read more »