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4 Top Tips for Selling Your House in 2013

We’re down to the last couple of months of 2013 and there are many Austinites who’s goal is to sell their house by the end of the year.  While the real estate market in Central Texas is outstanding, there are still some things that you can do to help improve your odds.  Below are 4 top tips for selling your house before the end of the year.

Price it Right From the Beginning

One of the most tried-used-failed strategies when selling a house is to price at or above the high end of the market in hopes of finding someone who wants to pay top dollar.  This strategy just about never works.  Instead , you end up selling for market price and increasing your holding costs, thus decreasing your overall profits.

Consider that of the homes that took four months or more to sell in 2012, almost half of their owners accepted less than 90 percent of the asking price, according to the National Association of Realtors. Though housing prices are increasing, price the property properly for the quickest sale.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

As the old adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  You clients can’t unsee filth & dirt or unsmell pet odors.  Look, if you were selling a jacket, would you wash the coat first before showing it to a potential buyer?  Of course you would, so why wouldn’t you do the same to an item that will be the largest investment in that person’s lifestime?

Do what you need to do, prep, paint, stage, scrub, improve, repeat, do shine the best light on your house. Efforts can include caulking, plastering, planting flowers, adding potted plants, making the windows spotless, pressure washing that oily driveway, edging the walks, trimming the bushes and trees, and mending the fences.  None of these is excessively capital-intensive or individually a difference maker, but when applied en masse, they say can be the difference between an extra 30-60 days plus on the market or a quick sale.

Consider Offering Seller Financing

More than half of Americans are disqualified for a loan due to their credit score.  If you subtract the required down payment and eliminate all business owners / self-employed folks, you’ll realize that it’s harder to qualify for loans these days. Some pricing flexibility from the sellers, especially if the lender’s appraisal doesn’t reach the asking price, can be the difference between getting an offer accepted or the house sitting on the market.

Be Prepared to Negotiate With More Than Price

I’ve seen many people walk away from deals over a sales prices difference of less than $4,000.  Over the course of a 30 year mortgage, this can be the difference of less than $20/ month.  Is this really a reason to not purchase a house?

Now, if the sales price is a big issue due to having to come out of pocket to pay deficiencies, consider offering other incentives instead of pricing.  For example, you can offer to pay for a moving truck, pay the first years’ HOA, throw in some updated appliances, etc…  Spending $500 to get a house sold is better than haggling over $4,000 and can create a win for both parties.

Want help on selling your house fast in Austin?  Click here for more information.

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