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Benefits of Using a Local, Experienced Real Estate Professional In Austin, Texas

Benefits of Using Hippie Hollow Homes to Sell Your Austin House Fast

Benefits of Using Hippie Hollow Homes to Sell Your Austin House Fast

I attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago and had an opportunity to speak with the mother of the bride.  She was telling me that there was a little drama over the wedding cake.

Her daughter had wanted to use one of her friends who was just starting out a bakery business to make the cake, but the mother ultimately decided to go with another company that had been in business for over 20 years.

This wedding is one of the biggest moments in my life,” she told me.  “And I don’t want to leave the wedding cake to chance with someone who doesn’t have much experience.

I understand her thinking…sometimes it’s okay to give a new person a chance on minor items, but when it comes to a big event, you definitely want to use an experienced person.

For most people, the biggest financial event of their life will be buying and selling a house, and just as is the case in the above example, do you really want to take a chance with an inexperienced real estate professional?

Hippie Hollow Homes Experience

Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes

Shenoah Grove

As owner of Hippie Hollow Homes real estate, I have participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions in Central Texas since 2004.  I also own and operate the largest real estate investing club in Austin, Texas, as well as clubs in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, where we bring in some of the top real estate minds in Texas to teach other real estate professionals on how to run their business.

Finally, I speak nationally with my husband, Phill Grove, as part of the ‘Big Live Event‘ tour.  Other speakers include (or have included) Rudy Guliani, George Ross, Michael Gerber, Gene Simmons, Stedman Graham, Steve Wazniak from Apple and more.

At Hippie Hollow Homes, our primary goal is to assist distressed homeowners with being able to sell their house fast.


While the real estate market is good in Austin and the economy is picking up, there are still some people who are not able to sell their houses in the conventional manner.  By ‘conventional’, I mean calling a Realtor to put your house on the MLS (Multiple Listings Service- the national realtor database), put a sign in your yard and wait for someone qualified buyer to call you.

If you have equity in your house and are not in a hurry to sell, then using a Realtor is a great idea.  In fact, I am a Realtor and would be happy to help you sell. 🙂

But there are times when the conventional way of selling houses just doesn’t work.  And the biggest flaw with most Real Estate Agents is that they just offer one way to buy or sell a house.  It’s like trying to jam their square peg processes into a round hole.  It just doesn’t work.

For example, I recently helped a distressed seller in Round Rock, Texas, who was being transferred to Dallas in two weeks.  She couldn’t afford to pay for two homes and didn’t want to try renting her house out.  Her house was worth about $200k, but so was her mortgage.  If she sold conventionally, it would take at least 90-180 days to sell (3 mortgage payments) plus $15k in closing costs (which she did not have).  The Realtor she was working with didn’t have any solutions for her other than convincing her that going into debt for $15k to sell her house was better than foreclosure.

Hippie Hollow Homes was able to buy her home in 7 days without her having to come out of pocket for any expenses!

Instead of forcing the ‘Realtor’ solution down everyone’s throat, our goal is to solve the unique problems that face many distressed home sellers in the Austin, Texas market with real, legal yet unconventional solutions.  Some of my clients cannot sell traditionally because:

  • They owe more than the house is worth
  • Cannot afford to pay closing costs
  • Cannot afford to repair house to make sellable
  • Have to sell quickly because they are moving
  • Are suffering an economic hardship

And we can provide the best solution available for any of those problems.  Whatever your reason for not being able to sell your house traditionally, Hippie Hollow Homes as experienced it.  We practice over 12 ways to buy & sell homes that work in today’s market.  This philosophy allows us to match a round peg strategy with the appropriate round hole.

The only reason that we cannot help you…. if you don’t contact us today.

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