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How to Increase the Value of Your Austin Home Without Throwing Away Money

increase the value of your austin home

Don’t throw your money away – follow these tips instead!

You would be surprised how much money home owners waste on trying to increase the value of their homes when looking to sell.

I’ve known people to invest $25k in their house in additions and not add any significant value to their after repair value.

If you spend too much or spend on the wrong repairs, you might as well just run that money through a paper shredder.

In today’s blog, I’m going to provide you with some tips on how to increase the value of your Austin home without breaking the bank.

  • Touch up paint:  When repainting, I recommend using a generic off white color.  I know that many homeowners want to express their individuality in the way they decorate, but if you’re selling your house, you want to keep the color scheme neutral.  If your exotic taste is too unique, then you will turn off the majority of buyers who visit your home.  Plus, if you keep it a neutral, light color, then the new buyers can design to their taste.  Finally, a light paint can help light up a room, which makes it more appealing to the buyer.  The bottom line is that you want to individualize your house when you buy it, but make it more generic when you sell it.
  • New flooring: Flooring is another aspect that can make or break a sale and again, I like to recommend keeping it neutral.  In many scenarios, I like to use a relatively inexpensive hard wood floor.  It looks nice and, if someone wishes to carpet over it in their own style, it’s easier to carpet over it then have to rip out new carpeting.
  • Upgrade the kitchen:  If there’s one room to focus on more than others to impact the sale-ability of a home, it’s the kitchen.  An ugly, outdated, dirty & cramped kitchen will prevent you from selling your home.  The good news is some of these ‘upgrades’ simply mean cleaning or de-cluttering.  Therefore, I recommend that you make it look nice.  First and foremost, clean everything.  Nothing turns off potential buyers more than a dirty, stained stove top & over or a smelly refrigerator.  Second, create as much cupboard space as possible.  Take everything you’re not using on a daily basis and box it up.  Dirty, smelly and cluttered will turn away buyers every time.  Once you’ve got the basics, look at your cabinets, counter tops and appliances.  Do your cabinets need new handles or to be repainted?  If so, do so.  Are your counter tops in nice shape.  If not, replace, but don’t necessarily go granite.  Instead, choose other materials like plastic laminate or quartz counter tops.  It will look nicer and cost much less.
  • Upgrade the bathroom:  If the kitchen is the most important room in the home, then the bathroom is a close second.  And just as with the kitchen, you want the bathroom to be clean and de-cluttered.  There is nothing more disgusting to a potential buyer than a filthy bathroom.  Parents envision washing their children in these tubs & showers and if they’re filthy, then you will not get a sale.  In addition, just as with the kitchen, pare down the cabinets and closets to the bare minimum.  In summary, I recommend that you first clean the bathroom and then upgrade with extra spaces, cabinets and vanity tops to boost your property’s value. People want their bathrooms to be practical and stylish.

In summary, if you want to increase the value of your Austin home to sell it quickly, then first eliminate the ‘free’ items that devalue it, such as dirt and clutter.  From there, focus on the paint & flooring, keeping it neutral and light.  After that, focus on the two most important rooms of the home:  the kitchen and the bathroom.  Make sure they are practical, spacious and everything is working.

What if you can’t afford to make any renovations or improvements to your house?  Many distressed sellers in Austin, Texas, need to sell their houses quick but don’t have the resources to fix up first.  In this scenario, I recommend working with a local, experienced real estate professional who uses both traditional and non-traditional methods to buy & sell properties.

For more information on how Hippie Hollow Homes can help you sell your Austin home fast, please click here.

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