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How to Sell Your Challenging Home Fast in Austin, Texas

Selling a Challenging Home Fast in Austin Texas

Some Keys To Selling a Challenging Home in Austin Texas Fast

The real estate market in Austin, Texas, has greatly improved and 2013 looks to continue this upward trend.  However, the economy isn’t the same for everyone.

If you’ve found selling your house fast to be a challenge, then there may be some tips that you can use to improve your chances. Since 2004, my company has participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions totaling more than $200M in the Central Texas region.  There’s very little that happens in real estate that we haven’t experienced.

As such, I’m able to pass down some helpful tips to allow you to sell your house fast in Austin, Texas, regardless of your personal economy.

Tips on How to Sell a Challenging House Fast in Austin, Texas

I’ve found that you never get a second chance to make a first impression on your house.  Therefore, you want to make sure that there are no housing landmines that your potential buyer could step into which could blow up your deal.  Here are some of the top ‘landmines’ that I’ve witness destroy deals during an initial showing:

  • Don’t Curb Their Enthusiasm – Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of a first impression as it’s the first thing they’ll see when they visit the house.  Make your yard look tidy and clean, rather than heavily landscaped. The new owners are highly likely to tear everything out and start over again. Overall, keep the mature trees and any larger bushes, and be sure to keep the lawn mowed. After you have made the interior of the house fit for showing, take a walk outside your house and gauge the appearance of the exterior. Think about how appealing the home looks from the curb. The exterior of your house must create a good impression on the buyer as he or she approaches your house for the very first time. Give attention immediately to anything that will decrease a favorable fist impression.
  • Cut the Clutter – Make your house more appealing by cleaning out clutter. If possible, all clothing should be removed from closets. Otherwise, the space should be organized perfectly. After you empty your kitchen cabinets, consider putting in a few unopened, fancy packages. Clutter makes people feel anxious, nervous and uncomfortable.  By performing some of these tasks, you’ll add appeal to your home because buyers will feel that the atmosphere is more luxurious or sophisticated.
  • Keep it Neutral – Think of the house  as a canvas.  If you’re looking to sell the house, it’s best to sell a blank canvas so the new buyer can design to their taste.  Therefore, if your house requires painting, then paint your home in neutral shades so they can imagine themselves in the home.  While you may think that a hot pink kid’s room looks great for your family, a family with 2 boys may not be too thrilled with that color.
  • Game of Throne – First off, make sure your bathroom is spotless clean before showing the house.  Potential buyers want to envision themselves in a relaxing tub or bathing their children.  Keep your bathroom in the condition that would make someone comfortable with using the facilities right then and there.  If they have to imagine what it would look like clean, they will NOT buy the house.  Also, consider rejuvenating the appearance as well by swapping out the fixtures and lighting for newer, updated models. Give the bathroom the clean feeling of a spa so your potential buyers can easily picture themselves in total comfort.
  • More Than Meets the Eyes– Although you want your home to appear inviting to potential buyers, you should focus on appealing to the senses, with the exception of smell. Avoid filling the air with scented candles or strong room sprays. You may offend the buyer, set off their allergies and even drive them to leave your home without seeing it in full!  Instead, bake some cookies, not only for the smell but also for your potential buyers to snack on. Giving them a home they remember can turn them into your home’s new occupants! Failure to address even one of these problems could cost you the sale.   Hopefully, you found some great advice in the above article. Identify the tidbits that are useful to you and use them to inform your sales. Because there are so many considerations when selling property, learning about the process will be time well spent. Below is a video I put together recently with some tips to selling a house quickly:

How to Sell a Challenging Home Fast | Help From a Professional

There are times when even the cleanest house won’t sell, or the work needed to get to market value requires more than the scent of fresh baked cookies.

If you’re behind on payments, upside down on your mortgage, your house requires repairs, you can’t afford to pay Realtor fees, closing costs, etc… we can still help. While I am a Realtor and capable of selling your house in a traditional method, Hippie Hollow Homes also has a national network of real estate investors who specialize in buying distressed homes.  We use several different, non-traditional methods to provide alternatives to foreclosures that create win-win scenarios where the sell doesn’t have to come out of pocket for anything.

The only reason we won’t be able to help you sell your house fast is if you don’t give us a call.  Contact us today by clicking here.

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