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Know What the Pros Know When Selling a House in Austin, Texas

Tips to Sell Your House Fast Like the Pros

Tips to Sell Your House Fast Like the Pros

When you are trying to sell your home fast in Austin, Texas, you may run into a number of challenges and difficulties that must be acknowledged, addressed, and overcome.  The more you know and understand real estate, the less intimidating these challenges will seem.  If you plan to ever sell real estate as an owner (or even as an agent), you would do well to take every opportunity to learn, learn, learn.

Tips on Selling a House Like the Pros | Pricing and Negotiating

When it comes to pricing a home, sellers tend to ask higher than they should.  I’m a home owner myself and understand the sentimental attachment to your home.  After all, it’s the house I got married in, watch my son take his fist steps in, and countless other memories.

However, a new buyer won’t pay you for those memories.  If you’re seeking to sell a house fast, then time is your biggest enemy, and typically the biggest delay is asking more than the house is truly worth.  Use a Realtor to run a variety of comparables to help you determine your pricing range.  Another way to understand price is to have your home appraised.  The lower you are on that range the quicker you may sell your house.

However, if you don’t need to sell off your home right away, make sure that you wait for the perfect offer.

If someone is interested in your house and renegotiate, I would strongly recommend at this point considering other options than just price.  For example, I had someone negotiating back and forth on a house worth $225k.  The difference?  $2,000!  Over 30 years, that’s a difference of only $5 a month or so.  Is that really the hold up?

The buyer wanted to pay as little up front money as possible and kept focusing on the price.  Once I explained the savings that $2k would provide, we started negotiating some other factors that would benefit him more.  In this situation, we ended up contributing $500 towards the rental of a moving van and paid the first 6 months of his HOA.  This saved the buyer a total of about $650, which was a win for the buyer and a $1,350 win for the seller.

Also consider offers that throw in a free major appliance with a new home as these types of gimmicks can really do the trick. Take notice of what seems to be an item of interest, and if it fits in your budget offer it in the closing deal. Using such products can greatly improve your success rate for selling the home.

Tips on Selling a House Like the Pros |First Impressions

Price can be the first thing to attract or turn off a potential buyer.  If the buyer likes the price enough to take a look at the house, then you want to make sure that the house is looking its best.  Here are some helpful tips to avoid turning off any potential buyer.

  • Keep the landscaping tidy and neat.  Make sure the lawn is properly mowed and trimmed, and any shrubbery is clipped.  If time is an issue, considering hiring a lawn service while selling a house.  Many decisions to ‘not buy’ are made in the first 10 seconds of pulling up to look at a house.
  • Touch up the front of the house with some fresh paint.  The 2 most important areas are the garage door and the front door.  When I first started, I had a nice gray stone house in Cedar Park, Texas,  that I wanted to add some ‘pop’ to, so I painted it red.  I thought it looked nice, but a couple of Realtors who showed the house told me that their clients were put off by the bold color on the front door.  I repainted to the original light green color and the house sold quickly thereafter.  I don’t know if the door was the ultimate factor, but it’s always smart to have as few obstacles to a sale as possible.
  • Make sure the house is clean and clutter free.  People want to envision themselves living in the place and absolutely NO ONE wants to live in someone else’s filth.  I like to use the ‘child’ test.  Would you let your child play on the floor, use the toilet or bathe in the tub?  If the answer is ‘no’ then clean it.
  • For dog owners looking to sell their home, try to minimize pet hair and odors inside the house. Even tiny dogs cause some odor, and you probably have gotten used to it. In addition to keeping your dog outdoors, you should attempt to remove pet odors on furniture and carpets inside your home. For example, you could use carpet fresheners on all your home’s carpets. The best solution is to get all of your carpets professionally cleaned before showing your house. Buyers are more impressed by homes that smell clean.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell his or her home for the best value or a real estate pro who’s been in the market for some years, following the tips in this article will give you a one-up on the others in the market, and help you have that extra selling boost needed to sell your house fast in Austin, Texas.

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