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Painting Tips to Help You Sell Your House Austin Fast

painting tips for selling a house

Painting tips for selling a house

I remember talking to a fix and flipper who was struggling to sell his investment home.  It was a nice, small starter home in a low priced subdivision in Cedar Park, Texas.  As I got out of my car and approached the front door of this clean, white rock covered home, my first thought was ‘Yuck‘!

The yard was mowed & trimmed, the garden had live plants & was weeded and the house itself was recently power washed and looked great.  So where did the ‘Yuck‘ come into play?

He’d painted the front door a bright red.

“I love the front door,” the investor told me with pride.  “It gives it a unique ‘pop’ that other homes in this neighborhood don’t have.”

“There’s probably a reason the other homes don’t have this type of front door,” I cautioned.

Reluctantly, he agreed to repaint to a more conservative color and sold his home within a week of doing so.

The house was properly priced and, except for the front door, was remodeled quite well.  Was the front door really the only reason it took him 6 months to sell?

Selecting paint colors may not be ‘the’ factor in selling a house quickly, but poor decisions in paint color can definitely be a reason for not selling a house fast in Austin, Texas.

Here are some of my top painting tips to help you sell your Austin, Texas house fast:

Don’t be obnoxious– whether it’s the exterior or interior of a house, avoid bright colors.  While a bright red front door may give a house a unique ‘pop’ in your eyes, it may give is a disgusting ‘yuck’ in the eyes of others.  Therefore, it’s safest to stick with something safe that the majority of people will like.

My motto:  If you want to give a house a ‘unique’ flavor, then live there.  But if you plan on selling it, keep your colors neutral.  It’s not about what you want, it’s about what the average seller wants!

How to find the right color – the average person, like the investor above, isn’t an interior decorator.  He honestly thought the red door gave the home a good, unique pop.  But as he mentioned, no one else in the neighborhood did this.  That is clue number one that you’re being too unique.  Therefore, to avoid these types of mistakes, drive around the neighborhood. Take notice of what others are doing and copy it.

Neutral colors – what do I mean by neutral colors?  What I suggest to all my sellers is that they start with earth tones, nothing too bold and nothing too taste-specific.  While earth tones may not be exciting to all buyers, buyers will not be repelled by the colors.  Another advantage is that any potential buyer that wants to do something unique with the house can easily paint over a cream colored wall.  That’s not the case with a bright pink accent wall.

In summary, when selling a house, keep in mind this philosophy: it’s not about YOU!  If you want the house to look unique, then make it unique and don’t sell it.  But if you’re selling your house, keep in mind what the majority of buyers want and choose your colors to please them.

About the Author: Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes is a Realtor and Investor who has participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions since 2004 in the Central Texas area using multiple unconventional real estate strategies.  Her goals are to understand multiple ways to buy & sell houses so she can listen to her clients’ needs and create the best plan for selling their houses fast.


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