Should an Austin seller attempt to sell their house as a ‘For Sale By Owner’?

for sale by owner  Austin Texas

Which is Better… FSBO or Realtor?

The answer to Realtor vs. FSBO is the same answer to many questions in real estate… it depends.

Before deciding on whether or not to do it yourself, consider the following factors:

  • How motivated are you to sell?
  • Is time an issue?
  • How much equity do you have?

If you are more ‘curious’ than ‘serious’ about selling your house, than FSBO may be the way to go.  It’s common for sellers, especially in an appreciating market, to want to see how much they could sell their house for.  So if you want to list above market price and have quite a bit of equity but don’t have to sell, then listing it yourself may be a good idea.  The property will be staged and if you do sell, you will save yourself 3% on the closing costs.

If you have equity and time is an issue, then I would recommend using a Realtor.  They can advertise your house to motivated buyers, help you with the best pricing and provide valuable information.  For traditional house sales where time is somewhat of an issue and you have a fair amount of equity, then using a Realtor can be a good thing.  The chart below shows that Realtors are typically able to sell quicker and at a higher price than a FSBO because of their superior knowledge of the market.

Should an Austin seller attempt to sell their house as a ‘For Sale By Owner’?

Realtors vs. For sale by owners

Infographic Source

When To Use a Real Estate Professional

However, what do you do if you must sell very fast, have little, no or even negative equity and your house requires repairs? In this situation, it is best to not use a Realtor and instead seek out a real estate investor.

At Hippie Hollow Homes, we have been helping distressed sellers in Austin, Texas, since 2003 and have participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions using a variety of non-traditional, out of the box strategies.

Sometimes you require more than just putting a sign in the yard and listing on the MLS. If that’s the case, working with real estate investors is probably the best solution for you.

We can help you in just about any situation…unless you do not contact us.


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