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Top Landscaping Tips to Sell Your House Fast

austin texas landscaping tips

Top Landscaping Tips to Sell Your House Fast in Austin, Texas

According to a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey, curb appeal is important to 71% of home buyers when choosing their new home.

Of course, this really shouldn’t be a surprise as you never get a second chance to make a first impression…and if the landscaping is in poor shape, many home buyers won’t even bother going inside.

Another good reason to improve your landscaping is that of all the renovations you can do to your home, improving your home could provide you with the greatest return on investment.

According to Fox Business, a landscaping investment could potentially pay a 215% return in home value, says Margaret Woda, a Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate in Crofton, Md. While you may only recoup 68% of kitchen renovation fees, Woda says landscaping is money well- spent.

Given the importance, it’s still an area that many Austin, Texas, homeowners fail to try or overspend.

Here are a few top landscaping tips to help you sell your home faster without breaking the bank:

  • Hit the basics– The most important thing in landscaping is maintenance.  Start by cleaning up the yard, removing dead branches, dog droppings, weeds and anything broken.  Also, Texans love their grass lawns, so make sure the lawn is trimmed and freshly fertilized.
  • Simplify your design- If the garden looks over complicated, it may scare people off.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to limit the number of plants and simplify the design so you don’t have 100 different plants that people don’t recognize and will be scared to take care of.
  • Will it grow in your garden– Design the yard with plants and grass that work well in your environment and won’t require a lot of water, fertilizer and pruning.
  • Stick with the living– Remove all dead or dying plants from the gardens.  These are eye sores that will take away from the beauty of your yard.
  • Fence me in– Fencing is another asset to buyers, whether they have kids or just want privacy.  Many buyers will be deterred if fencing doesn’t exist because they’ll have the added expense of putting one in.  This simple missing item can deter home buyers.

2 Money Wasters To Avoid:

  • Cool Trinkets:  Personalized options, such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, fountains and lighting, are things that make a backyard more of a paradise, but they cost money and do not impact the resale price or affect the sale of a house.
  • Keep it neutral– Don’t install anything too personal or unique that lacks universal appeal.  Just because you like it doesn’t mean future buyers will want it.

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