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You Can Still Sell Your House in Austin, Texas

Despite the problems with the rest of the country, you can still sell your house in Austin, Texas

Sell your house in Austin, Texas

You Can Still Sell Your House in Austin, Texas

By sidestepping the national real estate bubble that has particularly decimated the once thriving economies in the south west part of this country, the Austin housing market served as a stabilizing force for the Central Texas economy. That, experts say, was key to helping the region outperform many other U.S. metro areas during the economic downturn.  So why is it you can still sell your house in Austin, Texas, and the rest of the country has a tough real estate market?  Here are some reasons from Eldon Rude, director of the Austin office of Metrostudy, a housing market research firm:

Pricing: Home prices locally didn’t experience a big boom-bust cycle like they did in Las Vegas, where prices went up 44 percent per year at the peak ; Phoenix, up 41 percent per year at the peak; and Orlando, which saw 33 percent annual appreciation at the peak, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency. By contrast, Austin’s peak annual home price appreciation was 10.5 percent, according to the agency’s data.

On the flip side, prices have dropped sharply, down 16 percent in Las Vegas from mid-2010 to mid-2011, and by 15 and 10.7 percent in Phoenix and Orlando, respectively. The decline in the Austin area was much lower at 2.3 percent during the same 12-month period.

New-home construction: Home starts plunged nearly 90 percent from early 2007 (roughly the housing peak) through September of this year in Las Vegas. Phoenix and Orlando also saw dramatic declines, nearly 85 and 72 percent, respectively.

By comparison, the Austin area registered a 61.4 percent decline, the lowest during that period among major Texas cities and well below the most troubled markets.

Construction employment: Comparing September 2006 — roughly the peak of new home construction — with this September, construction employment fell 62 percent in Las Vegas, and Phoenix and Orlando each lost more than half of their jobs in the sector. During the same period, construction employment in Austin dropped slightly more than 8 percent.

You Can Still Sell Your House in Austin, Texas | Hippie Hollow Homes

While you can still sell your house in Austin, Texas, some situations make it more difficult than others.  For example, what do you do if you owe more on your house than it’s worth?  Or what if you have no equity but can’t afford to come out of pocket to pay closing costs?  The solution to your problems is to work with a company that real estate company that utilizes both the services of Realtors for traditional sales as well as real estate investors for unconventional sales.  That is where Hippie Hollow Homes comes in.

Hippie Hollow Homes is uniquely different from any other real estate solutions provider. Contact us and we guarantee the following:

  1. We will always make you an immediate cash offer
  2. We will always offer to list your home, with one of our affiliate agents, with our purchase offer as a back-up
  3. We will also make you some creative offers that may be more beneficial to your situation and timeframe
  4. We will share with you a market analysis on your home, that determines it’s as-is value, in today’s market, compared to homes recently sold around yours
  5. Our offers are no-pressure, no-obligation

The only thing that we cannot do is help you if you don’t contact us.  You can still sell your house in Austin, Texas, even if you’re in distress.  Despite perhaps the best economy in the Union, there are still unique situations.  Whatever your needs, contact Hippie Hollow Homes; we can help.

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