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7 Helpful Open House Tips

7-helpful-tips-open-houseDo open houses help sell houses in Austin, Texas?  Absolutely, but like everything else in life, if you don’t hold an open house properly, you won’t have success.  The goal of this week’s blog is to provide you with the 7 helpful open house tips in order to help you sell your house fast.

7 Tips for Holding a Successful Open House

  • Tip 1:  Be Prepared – Prepare for an open house as you would prepare for guests.  If no one is living in the house, then make sure that the restroom is prepared because you can be pretty confident that someone’s going to need to use it.  This means having soap and towels and extra toilet paper available.
  • Tip 2:  Advertise To Everyone!  First, I like to inform the neighbors as they are a great source for referrals.  Second, I use quite a bit of bandit signs to let anyone driving by know when the open house is going to be.  Third, in addition to the MLS, I like to use online marketing sites, like Craigslist, Postlets (which feeds to multiple websites), Active Rain, Trulia, etc.  Anywhere your houses are listed, make sure to change the ad to include Open House, the date and times.
  • Tip 3:  Lighting- Darkness gives people the impression you’re trying to hide something.  Therefore, make sure your open house looks light and bright. Open all the blinds to let in the natural light and expand the rooms with exterior views.  When I host an open house, I take the screens off the windows as it makes the home much brighter.  Also, to help with both lighting and atmosphere, I like to use scented candles, especially in the bathrooms.
  • Tip 4:   Staging.  I have numerous articles on the topic of staging a house, but the bottom line is this… you never get a second chance to make a first impression and in many cases, the first impression will lead to a final decision for the potential buyer.  An unkempt lawn and dirty house will turn off potential buyers.  So keep your home clean and tidy in order to keep your buyer’s interest.
  • Tip 5:  The sign in sheet-   Have all guest sign in with their name, phone number and email address and then contact them the following day by calling or emailing every visitor to thank them for coming by, ask them for feedback, and ask if they’re interested!
  • Tip 6:  Have food and drinks available – The summers get warm here in Austin, Texas, and people who are traveling from house to house will be thirsty.  While it’s your discretion to offer snacks, I would absolutely recommend having bottled water available.  You want to make people as comfortable as possible during an open house.
  • Tip 7:  A Takeaway- Most likely, whoever is visiting your house is also visiting other homes as well.  And people tend to start forgetting which house or what about each house they liked or disliked.  Therefore, I like to make sure that they have something to take away with them from the open house so that they can remember specifically what they liked about the property.  The flyer should contain all specific house information, photos of the home and your contact information.

As always, when seeking to sell a house fast in Austin, Texas, it’s strongly recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced real estate professional.  You can have the greatest open house in the world, or perfectly stage the house, but if you owe more than your house is worth and have to price it over market value, it won’t sell…unless you’re working with an experienced real estate pro who knows how to sell these types of homes quickly.  Hippie Hollow Homes has participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions over the past decade in the Central Texas region.  There’s nothing that we haven’t experienced, but the only way we can help you is if you contact us today.



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