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Coming Soon The Assignment of Mortgage Payment System

The Assignment of Mortgage Payment System Is Coming Your Way

In a handful of days Phill Grove is going to be releasing a program that teaches real estate investors the best way to create a enormously profitable assignment of mortgage business and the way they are able to do it as well. Phill is going to inform you of all of his techniques for and give you each one of the resources, the scripts, the whole enchilada; this is by far and away the very best assignment of mortgage system on the market, period.


Who is Phill Grove?

“Phill Grove is usually called the most successful residential real-estate investor in post-bubble America by dozens of today’s very best guru’s. He has executed approx . $200M in real estate transactions – employing non-traditional investing methods which include mortgage assignment, short sales, equity partnering, auction-options, wraps, swaps, along with other methods – several of which he designed and/or created for the industry. Phill will teach the best way to zig while other people zag, and believes the most significant opportunities for riches exist for people that solve the largest problems during the greatest times of need, and has never witnessed a bigger opportunity than now to grow rich whilst being able to help people.”

For many years Phill’s main concentration as a real estate investor had been short sales. Over the last year or 2 the short sale business has grown although the volume of short sales which banks are approving has steadily decreased. There remained a huge amount of home owners facing home foreclosure which really needed Phill’s assistance, although there were no promises that the mortgage lender would cooperate if he started a short sale. In order to be able to help in these transactions as well as create the kind of revenue he was used to making he transitioned his concentration to mortgage assignments. Phill Grove had so much financial success with this brand new system that he chose to develop a mortgage assignment strategy for other investors to share in the riches (We understand this seems a bit unorthodox, and he ought to keep his killer techniques to himself, but truly there are actually way more mortgage assignment opportunities on the market than me plus a 1000 clones of myself could handle).

Phill Grove’s Assignment of Mortgage Payment System

So what is it? The Assignment of Mortgage Payment System will show real estate investors the best way to do something which nobody else is training. It’s a simple premise: Phill will teach you how you can sell ‘unsellable’ homes to ‘unloanable’ homebuyers.

The Assignment of Mortgage Payment System, AMPS, will provide you with a ton of content material. He’ll discuss how to acquire the houses, how to market to both sellers and buyers, the various tools he uses within his business, the best way to process the leads, and how to prepare and structure your own business. Additionally, you’ll get a a lot of extra material to use such as his legal contracts, disclosures, prospect forms, and legal documents. In the following few weeks he will be releasing a series of training videos which will educate you about the Assignment of Mortgage Payment System, AMPS, as well as it’s offerings.

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