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Austin Home Prices Expected to Rise in 2012

Austin Home Prices

Case Shiller Home Price Index Predicts Austin Home Prices Expected to Rise in 2012 Despite the recent study that shows that Austin metro area home prices fell by 2.3 percent in 2011, the fact that Austin home prices expected to rise in 2012 is welcomed news. Austin Home prices will see a growth of 0.6 percent […] Read more »

Hippie Hollow Homes Owners Speak at Mega Partnering Event

Hippie Hollow Homes

Hippie Hollow Homes Owners Guest Speaker at National Business Event Mega Partnering is considered to be the number one wealth networking and business relationship building event.  This event is held in major U.S. cities a couple of times per year.  They generally bring in the Industry’s Top Business people to discuss their tricks to the […] Read more »

What Does Shenoah Grove Know About Real Estate?

About Shenoah Grove and Hippie Hollow Homes Anytime you are a consumer looking to buy and sell a house, or even if you’re looking to get into real estate and seeking a coach, mentor, or broker, the first question you should ask this person is ‘What do you know about real estate?’.  At Hippie Hollow […] Read more »

Can I do A Short Sale Myself?

Can a Homeowner Negotiate a Short Sale Themselves? The answer is ‘yes’ a homeowner can negotiate a short sale themselves.  The better question is can a homeowner negotiate a ‘successful’ short sale themselves?  That answer would probably be ‘no’. Most successful short sales, where a bank agrees to reduce, or ‘short’, the existing mortgage note […] Read more »

What is Hippie Hollow Homes?

What Does Hippie Hollow Homes Mean? For those of you who are outside of Austin, Texas, you may not know what Hippie Hollow is.  Hippie Hollow is a ‘clothing optional’ beach that fits in with the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ philosophy of this great city.  We chose the name ‘Hippie Hollow Homes’ because our philosophy on […] Read more »

Can I Sell my Home with Owner Financing?

Owner Financing

Using Owner Financing to Sell a Home One of the most frequently asked questions of Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes is ‘Can I sell my home with owner financing in place?‘ The fact is that in this tough real estate economy, providing owner financing may be the best way to sell a home.  Buyers […] Read more »

Will Hippie Hollow Homes Buy My House?

Hippie Hollow Homes | Sell Your House Fast

Hippie Hollow Homes is in the business of buying and selling houses Many people will ask Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes is she will buy their house.  After all, Shenoah Grove, and her husband Phill Grove, are two of the most successful real estate investors in America. The answer is ‘it depends’. It is […] Read more »

Does Shenoah Grove Own Real Estate Property?

If You Call Yourself A Real Estate Professional, You Should Own Property At lot of people ask Shenoah Grove if she owns real estate property.  The answer is ‘Yes’.  Shenoah Grove and her husband, the REI Maverick Phill Grove, own multiple real estate properties throughout central Texas, including Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Phill and […] Read more »

Alternatives to Foreclosures in Texas

Avoid Foreclosures in Texas

Can I Just Let My House Go To Auction? Many people come up to Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes and say “I’m sick of dealing with this house’ or ‘I’m sick of dealing with the banks’ and ultimately ‘I’m just going to give this house back to the *$&#@! bank.’ Letting your house go […] Read more »

Just who is responsible for the Assignment of Mortgage Payment System?

Phill Grove Who?? Phill Grove has done over 1,200 real estate investment deals since 2003. Over 1,000 of which were short sales.   He will be the Owner and Chief executive of Love American Homes, and Hippie Hollow Homes, LP of Austin, Texas. These firms supply real-estate solutions to investors as well as real-estate agents […] Read more »