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7 Tips for Using the Internet To Help You Sell Your House Fast in Austin, Texas (Infographic)

Sell your austin home quickly

90% of home buyers search the Internet before looking for a house.  Therefore, if you’re looking to sell a home quickly in Austin, Texas, then you should know the different types of media to use and the multiple sites online to post. The infographic below will provide some great tips for those seeking to sell […] Read more »

Why Hiring An Experienced Local Real Estate Agent Is Important in Austin, Texas

I know nothing about cars, yet amazingly, because I drive a nice car, people ask my advice on cars all the time.  The scary thing is that when I give this advice, people actually listen an act on it!  You see, anyone can have an opinion and people are likely to follow what others who […] Read more »

7 Tips on Selling Your House Fast in Austin, Texas (Video Blog)

  In the competitive housing market that exists in Austin, Texas, it is important to always make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward when selling your house fast. Since 2004, I’ve participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions with my Austin, Texas real estate company, Hippie Hollow Homes. You can imagine some […] Read more »

Foreclosures Are Not the Answer in Austin, Texas

Regardless of your situation, letting your house go to foreclosure is NOT a good solution. The video below by Hippie Hollow Homes owner Shenoah Grove details why foreclosures are not a good option for home owners in Austin, Texas. Foreclosure is an ‘atomic bomb’ to credit scores; it cuts the deepest and its negative impact lasts the […] Read more »

Austin Home Sales Up 15% in March

Austin Home Sales Up 15% in March

While gloom remains the overall theme of real estate markets in some other parts of the country, bloom and boom seem to be the words that best describe the market in Central Texas. In the capital city of Austin, for example, the latest available statistics show that during the month of March 2012, sales of […] Read more »

Hippie Hollow Homes Owners Speak at Mega Partnering Event

Hippie Hollow Homes

Hippie Hollow Homes Owners Guest Speaker at National Business Event Mega Partnering is considered to be the number one wealth networking and business relationship building event.  This event is held in major U.S. cities a couple of times per year.  They generally bring in the Industry’s Top Business people to discuss their tricks to the […] Read more »