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7 Tips on Selling Your House Fast in Austin, Texas (Video Blog)


hippie-hollow-homes-bannerIn the competitive housing market that exists in Austin, Texas, it is important to always make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward when selling your house fast.

Since 2004, I’ve participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions with my Austin, Texas real estate company, Hippie Hollow Homes. You can imagine some of the great examples that I’ve seen.  Of course, you couldn’t imagine some of the scary mistakes I’ve witnessed as well.

Video on How to Sell Your House Fast in Austin, Texas:

Through my years of experience, here are 7 of my top tips to assist anyone in selling their house fast in Austin, Texas:

  • Keep Your House Clean
  • Reduce the Clutter
  • Stage the House Appropriately
  • Have a ‘Role’ or ‘Function’ For Each Room in Your House
  • Take Down Personal Items
  • Price Your House Correctly
  • Work with Someone Who Knows the Market

Working with an Austin, Texas real estate expert who knows the market and understands what it takes to sell a house is probably the most important thing you can do to sell your house fast.

If you would like help selling your house fast, call me at 512-473-6633 today or contact me here:

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  1. selling a home says:

    hope your tips work for me.. I’m selling a house in the future but still processing some papers first

  2. Domenic J.C. says:

    Hi Shenoah, Im just starting up a Co. In N.J. and I was wondering if u had any advice on Llc.s and asset protection
    My co name is IMAGE Wholesale Investment Properties. Since I waunt to deals in other states what kind of llc. and
    protection should i be looking into.

    Ps. I did read somthing about having each property should have its own llc. Just wondering if you could shed some light on this topic and if you knew of any Co.
    Pss .I do belong to REIMATCHER. Sincerely Domenic JC.


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