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Foreclosures Are Not the Answer in Austin, Texas

Regardless of your situation, letting your house go to foreclosure is NOT a good solution.

The video below by Hippie Hollow Homes owner Shenoah Grove details why foreclosures are not a good option for home owners in Austin, Texas.

Foreclosure is an ‘atomic bomb’ to credit scores; it cuts the deepest and its negative impact lasts the longest.

A foreclosure on your record can prevent you from getting a job in the future, affect your insurance rates, and affect your ability to qualify for an apartment rental.  Imagine not being able to put your children in the school district you want because your credit score prevented you from living where you deserve to live.

Instead of foreclosure, work with someone who understands the foreclosure process in Austin, Texas, and knows how to put up road blocks to that process and slow down the banks from sending your house to auction.

Time is needed to sort through your options and figure things out.

Contact me; 512-473-6633.  I’m Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes.

As an Investor and Agent/Broker, I’ve had experience helping over 1,200 homeowners who have been in the exact situation you are and have provided alternatives to foreclosure. You deserve to work with an experienced, local Agent who can get the job done now so you won’t be paying for a foreclosure for years to come.

To contact us, visit http://hippiehollowho.wpengine.com/sell-your-house-today/

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