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What is Hippie Hollow Homes?

What Does Hippie Hollow Homes Mean?

hippie hollow homes

What is 'Hippie Hollow' Homes?

For those of you who are outside of Austin, Texas, you may not know what Hippie Hollow is.  Hippie Hollow is a ‘clothing optional’ beach that fits in with the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ philosophy of this great city.  We chose the name ‘Hippie Hollow Homes’ because our philosophy on real estate is that ‘We Have Nothing To Hide’.  Sure, it’s tongue and cheek, but it also means that while we have unconventional, outside of the box solutions to problems, we are not doing anything wrong or illegal.

About Hippie Hollow Homes

Though we may have fun with the name of our company, we can assure you that we take the real estate business very seriously.  I am a fourth generation real estate professional and have an MBA from Rice University.  My husband, Phill Grove, is a former engineer and full time real estate investor.  Hippie Hollow Homes is unique in the fact that it combines the opportunity for a traditional, conventional real estate sale by a Real Estate Broker with the outside the box problem solving strategies of using real estate investors.  Our primary goal in the real estate business is helping people solve problems and our unique business provides the most solutions.

Hippie Hollow Homes | The Difference

One of the biggest differences between Hippie Hollow Homes and all the other real estate companies out there is that we use 12 different strategies in order to buy and sell a home.  If you work with a Realtor only, then you will only have one or two ways to sell a home.  When you work with Hippie Hollow Homes, you have a combination of the best Realtor in Texas with possibly the best post-bubble real estate investor in the country in Phill Grove.

Hippie Hollow Homes | WIIFM

So, you’re next question should be ‘What’s In It For Me?’  The biggest benefit of working with Hippie Hollow Homes is that we can present you with many alternatives and solutions on buying and selling a home.  Many real estate investors may know or understand just one strategy; just one way to buy and sell a house, and if your circle does not fit into their square peg, then they cannot help you.

We can help you.  If your house is in need of repair, if you have little, no, or negative equity, or if you are behind on payments, we can help you sell your house.

No matter what your situation is, Phill Grove and I have seen it.  Together, we have participated in over 1,200 successful residential real estate transactions using a variety of different strategies.  There’s very little in real estate we don’t know or understand, and we are able to put these years of experience to work for you.

Hippie Hollow Homes | Our Promise

At Hippie Hollow Homes, we promise to listen to what you have to say, answer any questions you may have, provide you with the information needed to make a decision, and present you with a fair offer.  Also, we promise to have our clothes on at all times!

Given our experience in real estate, our knowledge of multiple ways to buy & sell houses, and our track record of success, Hippie Hollow Homes is the best real estate company in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, regardless of your situation.

But remember, we CANNOT help you if you do not CALL us!  Contact us today at 512-xxx-xxxx.

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