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Does Shenoah Grove Own Real Estate Property?

If You Call Yourself A Real Estate Professional, You Should Own Property

Real Estate Property

Do Phill and Shenoah Grove Own Real Estate Property?

At lot of people ask Shenoah Grove if she owns real estate property.  The answer is ‘Yes’.  Shenoah Grove and her husband, the REI Maverick Phill Grove, own multiple real estate properties throughout central Texas, including Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Phill and Shenoah Grove know and understand what it takes to buy a property, to maintain a property, and to sell a property.  They are in the business of being able to buy houses in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Given their incredible experience (Phill and Shenoah Grove have participated in more than 1,200 residential real estate transactions since 2004), Shenoah Grove has the experience to not only provide options and alternative ways for purchasing real estate, but to actually negotiate and get the deal done.

Shenoah Grove on Real Estate Investors Who Don’t Own Real Estate Property:

As a consumer, you should be afraid of investors who don’t have experience or don’t have access to the capital to get a deal done.  Many newbie, wannabe real estate professionals out there just want to get your property tied up so they can try to market it.  However, they have neither the experience, knowledge, or financial wherewithal to actually get the deal done.  This situation can be very dangerous to you. Can you afford to wait 6 months for an investor to sell a house?  Can you afford to keep making payments during this time because the inexperienced Realtor only knows one way to sell a house and that way isn’t working.

Don’t you deserve a real estate professional who knows, understands, and has the experience to use multiple types of strategies to buy and sell houses?  Don’t you deserve a real estate professional that can finish a transaction quickly?

If so, you deserve to contact Hippie Hollow Homes today.  Phill and Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes have the knowledge and experience to get deals done in today’s real estate climate.  They will listen to what you have to say, provide a solution to your challenge, and make a fair offer to you.

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