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Can I do A Short Sale Myself?

Can a Homeowner Negotiate a Short Sale Themselves?

Short Sale

Can I Do A Short Sale By Myself?

The answer is ‘yes’ a homeowner can negotiate a short sale themselves.  The better question is can a homeowner negotiate a ‘successful’ short sale themselves?  That answer would probably be ‘no’.

Most successful short sales, where a bank agrees to reduce, or ‘short’, the existing mortgage note  in order to facilitate a transaction, are performed by a team of people who have experience negotiating with banks, understand the rules involved in short sale negotiations, and have access to buyers.  Your typical homeowner lacks in all of these areas because, unless they are in the real estate industry, there is no reason for them to have this type of experience or a buyers’ list.

Why Use Hippie Hollow Homes to Negotiate a Short Sale?

Negotiating short sales is a special skill set that is learned from experience.  Shenoah Grove has participated in nearly 1,000 successful short sale negotiations.  Hippie Hollow Homes has an experienced staff of negotiators who are dedicated to the time and effort needed for a successful short sale to take place.

When going through the short sales process, you cannot afford to make mistakes.  Homeowners trying short sales themselves can easily make a mistake that can cost them a successfully negotiated discount and can lead to foreclosures.  In short sales, you can’t afford to learn on the job.  The cost of a mistake is too high.

Your best chance for a successful short sale is to leave it to a team of professionals who do it for a living and have a sizable buyer’s list of qualified people ready to purchase homes at a discount.

If you are behind on payments and have little, no, or negative equity in your house, give Hippie Hollow Homes a call and we can discuss your options.

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