Hippie Hollow Homes Buys Austin Houses Fast

Hippie Hollow Homes Buys Austin Homes Fast

One of the things that separates Hippie Hollow Homes from others is that we are a local real estate company exclusive to the Austin market (as you can probably tell by our name). What this means is that we know and understand the Austin Real Estate Market.  We understand what is happening in the market, […] Read more »

Austin Home Starts Increase

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Does the Austin Home Starts Increase Mean the Housing Market Is Beginning To Recover? There is definitely some positive housing news coming out of the Central Texas real estate market recently.  Consider the following statistics recently released from the Austin Statesman: the annual home starts pace improved for the first time in more than a […] Read more »

Will Hippie Hollow Homes Buy My House?

Hippie Hollow Homes | Sell Your House Fast

Hippie Hollow Homes is in the business of buying and selling houses Many people will ask Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes is she will buy their house.  After all, Shenoah Grove, and her husband Phill Grove, are two of the most successful real estate investors in America. The answer is ‘it depends’. It is […] Read more »