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Is the Housing Market in Austin, Texas Improving?

Housing Market Austin Texas

Americans have been signing more contracts to buy homes lately than they have at any time over the past two years, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors. These contract signings, which can also be looked at as Pending Home Sales, typically indicate which direction the housing market is headed as there is […] Read more »

Government Foreclosure Aid Programs Results

Government Foreclosure Aid Programs

How Well Have Each of the Government Foreclosure Aid Programs Performed? Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Government has taken steps to create Foreclosure Aid Programs to assist distressed homeowners.  After all, $800 Billion plus was provided to the banks to help them through a tough time.  How much was allocated for the […] Read more »

Almost 3 out of 10 Homeowner Mortgages are Underwater

Homeowner Mortgages are Underwater

29% of Homeowner Mortgages are Underwater Zillow announced today that 28.6% of homeowner mortgages are underwater nationwide, meaning that the mortgages are higher than the value of the home.   What this means, for example, is that if you took out a mortgage on a home for $120,000 and the home is now worth $100,000, […] Read more »

Austin Home Starts Increase

housing market trends

Does the Austin Home Starts Increase Mean the Housing Market Is Beginning To Recover? There is definitely some positive housing news coming out of the Central Texas real estate market recently.  Consider the following statistics recently released from the Austin Statesman: the annual home starts pace improved for the first time in more than a […] Read more »

The Latest Foreclosure Report for Austin, Texas

Latest foreclosure report for Austin

What Does the Latest Foreclosure Report for Austin, Texas Tell Us About the Real Estate Market? (September 28, 2011) There is good news bad news for the Austin real estate market. First, the good news:  the latest foreclosure report from the Foreclosure Listing Service Inc shows that foreclosure notices for this month are down 18.5% from […] Read more »