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Are Loan Modifications A Good Idea for Distressed Homeowners in Austin, Texas?


Regardless of the financial situation, many people in Austin, Texas, have faced difficult decisions regarding their housing situation since the Great Recession of 2008. Some folks saw their house payments increase due to their type of mortgage.  Others saw the value of their house decrease.  Many others suffered from an economic hardship that made paying […] Read more »

What is a Loan Forbearance?


Should I Pursue a Loan Forbearance? There is so much written in the media today about loan forbearance plans and loan modifications that many homeowners mistakenly consider these items as actual alternatives.  Quite frankly, I shy away from loan mods and loan forbearance plan because while they sound good in theory, in reality, they are […] Read more »

Does Hippie Hollow Homes Perform Loan Modifications?

Loan Modifications

Loan Modifications Aren’t the Answer Many homeowners are excited by the possibility to perform loan modifications, and one of the questions that Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, gets asked the most is “Does Hippie Hollow Homes perform loan modifications?“. The answer is ‘No’.  Hippie Hollow Homes does not provide loan […] Read more »