Assignment of Mortgage Payment System Opens The Doors

Precisely why relaunch M.A.P.S. under Assignment of Mortgage Payments System?

Assignment of Mortgage Payments System Re-Branded?
The Assignment of Mortgage Payments System is set to release on Monday, June 6, 2011. Many people have already been asking Phill Grove precisely why he’d relaunch the Mortgage Assignment Profits System under a new name: The Assignment of Mortgage Payments System? The pointsConflict

There is a different real estate education system provided by another real estate organization which is named MAPS. Keller Williams offers Real estate agent training called MAPS coaching, and has, uhm, nicely requested to get a different title. So we have complied and re-named the program.

The assignment of mortgage payments system is definitely a far more precise title when compared with mortgage assignments. An authentic mortgage assignment is a written document that may serve as evidence of transfer of the mortgage loan responsibility from the original borrower to some third party. When a loan is sold inside the secondary market, the financial institution isn’t the owner of the note and mortgage (secured debt). Even so, the bank’s rights in the mortgage loan will not be instantly assigned to the investors. In order to assign these kinds of rights, mortgage assignment is necessary. Now that more banks are trying to foreclose on homes through which they did not conduct mortgage assignments, more dishonest and fraudulent actions are taking place. Needless to say,the developers wouldn’t like this specific real-estate training program being linked to this kind of conduct.

When you execute an assignment of mortgage payments system transaction you are simply assigning the actual mortgage payments. While the two phrases (mortgage assignments and assignment of mortgage payments) may sound identical and interchangable, due to the recent fraud involving mortgage assignments, the developers would rather not have their technique end up being associated with it. Prior to introducing this campaign, Phill Grove invested sixteen months personally trying out the system and interacting with his lawyers to make sure we were adhering to all legal guidelines and regulations and also making all necessary disclosures. The very last thing Phill wants would be to have the banks’ bad behavior tarnish the excellent work he and his students are already achieving by using MAPS and then while using the assignment of mortgage payments system.

Why the Assignment of Mortgage Payment System | Improved upon Solution

Whilst the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System continues to have the same terrific MAPS coaching, they have added in two major enhancements: legal system and online marketing method.
Legal system: the more attorneys and Title Companies who inform themselves on the contracts, systems, and processes, the more likely they will be to assist in these kind of deals. AMPS investors will have a nationwide law firm who will work with the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System in all 50 states! As a result, individuals will have special AMPS contracts for each state as well!
Phill Grove Creator of AMPS

Phill Grove Creator of AMPS

Marketing system: REI Matcher is the worlds’ biggest database for the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System students, and it’s gotten far better. Today, each AMPS student will get their very own info capture web-site along with custom built auto-responders to improve customer contact, and every time you add your own AMPS deal on-line, it’s going to automatically be syndicated to 40 other websites.

The reason for Assignment of Mortgage Payment System | Summation

Phill Grove is excited to produce the brand new and enhanced ‘AMPed’ up version of MAPS, now known as the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System, on Monday, June 6, 2011. They changed the name to a much more accurate portrayal of what the strategy is because of conflict with a different Real-estate corporation’s training product, as a result of fruadulent association with the phrase ‘mortgage assignments’, and, really, felt it was the optimum time to relaunch since we designed two thrilling enhancements to the greatest real-estate training product currently available. I am excited to hear any suggestions you’ve got about the Assignment of Mortgage Payments System!

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