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Austin Real Estate Market Update For June 2012

austin texas real estate market statistics june 2012

Austin, Texas real estate market statistics june 2012

According to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) of the Austin Board REALTORS, there continues to be an increase of home sales throughout Austin. This is the 13th consecutive month that home sales have been on the rise in Texas while the Austin Real Estate Market has seen five consecutive months of increased real estate sales and values.

In June 2012, Austin saw the sale of 2,593 single family homes. In June 2011, there were 1,997 homes sold, this is a 23% increase. What’s more, the average sale price for a home in Austin was $218,350, an increase of 8% as compared to June of 2011.

Austin has also seen a decrease of 23% in terms of the average time a home sits on the market. What’s more, according to the Chairmen of the Austin Board of REALTORS, Leonard Guerrero, the Austin Real Estate Market will have the strongest summer in terms of sales since the beginning of the recession.

The amount of real estate inventory in June of 2011 was 6.7 months. In June of 2012, Austin, Texas saw a marked decrease in this time of 2.3 months, which means that there is currently only 4.4 months of inventory on the market.

What’s more, there are now 20% fewer real estate listings on the market today than there was in June of 2011. There is also an increase of pending sales of 15%. The median time a home currently spends on the market in Austin is 58 days. In June of 2011, the average time was 75 days,

Austin Real Estate Market Statistics for June 2012

  • $737,060,250 – This is the dollar amount for properties sold in June 2012.
  • $218,350 – This number represents the median price for a single family home in Austin, Texas. In June 2011 the average price was $201,300.
  • 7,738 – Represents the total amount of single family homes on the market. In June 2011, this number was 20% higher.
  • 3,334 – Represents the amount of new home listings available on the market, a decrease of 8% over 2011.
  • 2,593 – How many single family homes sold in June of 2012. A 23% increase over last year.
  • 2,424 – Homes pending sale.
  • 58 – The average length of days that a home is on the market before sold.
  • 4.4 – Inventory of single family homes in terms of months.

How to Sell A House Fast In Austin, Texas

While the jobs market and the economy is better than most places in the country, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some Austin, Texas residents who are having a difficult time in today’s economic marketplace.

As a successful Realtor, one who has participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions since December of 2003, I have seen it all and still been able to find creative, out of the box ways to buy and sell houses.  So what does this mean for you?

No matter your condition, we can assist you.  Even if…

  • You owe more than your house is worth
  • Have no equity
  • Can’t afford to use a Realtor
  • Need to sell quickly
  • House in terrible shape

In addition to being a Realtor, I also work with a large group of local real estate investors who are looking to assist distressed home sellers with quick sales.

The only reason we can’t help you is if you don’t contact us!

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