Hippie Hollow Homes Owners Speak at Mega Partnering Event

Hippie Hollow Homes Owners Guest Speaker at National Business Event

Hippie Hollow Homes

Shenoah Grove with Rudy Guliani and JT Foxx

Mega Partnering is considered to be the number one wealth networking and business relationship building event.  This event is held in major U.S. cities a couple of times per year.  They generally bring in the Industry’s Top Business people to discuss their tricks to the trade.  The topics vary from philosophy to marketing to specific businesses.  Some of the others who have spoken at these events in the past include Gene Simmons from KISS, Rudy Guliani, George Ross (NBC’s ‘The Apprentice), TV Pitchman Anthony Sullivan and Stedman Graham.

As luck would have it, Hippie Hollow Homes President Phill Grove was invited to speak as a real estate expert.

Here are some pics of Phill and Shenoah Grove from Mega Parnterning:

Phill Grove Hippie Hollow Homes

Phill With Shannon Tweed and...uhm...Gene Simmons

Shenoah Grove with Wayne Allen Root

Shenoah Grove with 2008 Presidential Nominee Wayne Allen Root

George Ross with Phill Grove

George Ross with Phill Grove

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    My husband Chris and I are interested in your homes that are listed as rent to own

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