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Why Hiring An Experienced Local Real Estate Agent Is Important in Austin, Texas

I know nothing about cars, yet amazingly, because I drive a nice car, people ask my advice on cars all the time.  The scary thing is that when I give this advice, people actually listen an act on it!  You see, anyone can have an opinion and people are likely to follow what others who […] Read more »

Need to Sell a house in Austin Texas?

sell my house fast

In today’s housing market most people don’t realize that it is still possible to sell a house quickly. Even in places like Austin, Texas, where the housing market tends to be a little slow, it can actually be easy to quickly sell your home as long as you properly market it. This means that you are going […] Read more »

Is it possible to avoid foreclosure with home mortgage short sale?

When you enter a foreclosure process then you’ll be no longer eligible to make payment on your mortgage. Your property will be repossessed by the creditors and the credit report will be blemished for 10 years. Therefore, you can do a short sale in order to stop foreclosure. Short sale is a process through which […] Read more »

Will Hippie Hollow Homes Buy My House?

Hippie Hollow Homes | Sell Your House Fast

Hippie Hollow Homes is in the business of buying and selling houses Many people will ask Shenoah Grove of Hippie Hollow Homes is she will buy their house.  After all, Shenoah Grove, and her husband Phill Grove, are two of the most successful real estate investors in America. The answer is ‘it depends’. It is […] Read more »