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Hippie Hollow Homes Buys Austin Houses Fast

Hippie Hollow Homes Buys Austin Homes Fast

One of the things that separates Hippie Hollow Homes from others is that we are a local real estate company exclusive to the Austin market (as you can probably tell by our name). What this means is that we know and understand the Austin Real Estate Market.  We understand what is happening in the market, […] Read more »

Foreclosures Are Not the Answer in Austin, Texas

Regardless of your situation, letting your house go to foreclosure is NOT a good solution. The video below by Hippie Hollow Homes owner Shenoah Grove details why foreclosures are not a good option for home owners in Austin, Texas. Foreclosure is an ‘atomic bomb’ to credit scores; it cuts the deepest and its negative impact lasts the […] Read more »

Foreclosure Options For Homeowners in Austin, Texas (Infographic)

foreclosure options for homeowners in austin, Texas

While the housing market has picked up in most parts, including Austin, Texas, it doesn’t mean that everyone is doing well.  There are still several homeowners that want to sell their house fast but cannot for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons include property repair, no equity, negative equity, etc… At Hippie Hollow […] Read more »

7 Options To Consider When Facing Foreclosure in Austin, Texas

While the economy in Austin, Texas, is better than most other states, it doesn’t mean that there still aren’t distressed home owners who are looking to sell their house fast. But what options do you really have? I’m not going to insult your intelligence with solutions like ‘pay off your mortgage in cash’ or ‘refinance’. […] Read more »

Why Short Sales Are Better Than Foreclosures

short sale austin texas

When a lender agrees to accept less than the total amount due on a property, they are agreeing to a short sale. The bank takes a discount on the on the original mortgage note in order for the property to be sold. This process can take a long time since negotiation is needed to agree on […] Read more »

When Is A Short Sale The Best Option?

short sale

One of the realities of borrowing money to purchase a home that people often forget is that it is a financial risk. Even the most cautious and responsible of home buyers can potentially find themselves in a difficult situation due to a layoff or expenses related to a serious medical problem. For buyers who are […] Read more »

Austin Foreclosure Rate Continues To Drop

Austin Foreclosure Rate Dropping

Further proof that the Austin, Texas economy is in better shape than the rest of the country’s can be found in the fact that, according to the Austin Business Journal, the Austin foreclosure rate continues to drop.  Here’s a brief snippet of the report: Among outstanding mortgages 1.03 percent of them were in some stage […] Read more »

Is it possible to avoid foreclosure with home mortgage short sale?

When you enter a foreclosure process then you’ll be no longer eligible to make payment on your mortgage. Your property will be repossessed by the creditors and the credit report will be blemished for 10 years. Therefore, you can do a short sale in order to stop foreclosure. Short sale is a process through which […] Read more »

The Latest Foreclosure Report for Austin, Texas

Latest foreclosure report for Austin

What Does the Latest Foreclosure Report for Austin, Texas Tell Us About the Real Estate Market? (September 28, 2011) There is good news bad news for the Austin real estate market. First, the good news:  the latest foreclosure report from the Foreclosure Listing Service Inc shows that foreclosure notices for this month are down 18.5% from […] Read more »

Alternatives to Short Sales For Selling Your House

Avoid Foreclosure

Alternatives to Short Sales in Austin and San Antonio, Texas If you are behind in payments, if your house is in need of repair, and even if you have little, no, or negative equity, you can still sell your house in Austin and San Antonio, Texas even without short sales.   Hippie Hollow Homes and […] Read more »